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which one is the ugly one

which one is the sexy one


which one is the ugly one

which one is the sexy one



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My Thoughts On Frankie’s “Racist” Remark


I’m a POC, and I don’t neccesarily find Frankie’s comment racist. Yes, there is a chance he was referring to Devin’s skin tone. However, since he’s made ZERO even slightly racist/sexist/any kind of derogatory statements while in the house, I kind of find that extremely unlikely. I think he was referring to the time when it was rumored that Devin had peed in the pool. 

I may be wrong, but even if he did mean it racially, it’s not the worst comment ever made. I mean people are commending Aaryn and loving her and she made some of the worst comments I’ve ever heard. Of course, if you as a viewer and reader of this blog find it offensive, I’m not saying you have to think otherwise, but maybe just think things through before you go ahead branding someone as a racist over one, SLIGHTLY, possibly racist remark that may have been taken slightly out of context. Because that could seriously fuck up his career on Broadway and on Youtube.

This is stupid with really stupid reasoning

1. Just because someone doesn’t often make racist comments, it doesn’t mean something they say shouldn’t be looked at as a racist comment.

2. If Frankie wanted to describe something as dark or black, he could have literally said black instead of “devin coloured” because that is degrading no matter fucking what. I’m really hoping it is because Devin peed in the pool and its an inside joke because that is seriously offensive.

3. Anyone can say horrible things. Someone in the house could run around trying to start a neo-nazi group. They could be bullying the 2 POCs still left in the house (which are currently being targeted as well as the other two being eliminated… but that’s just an observation). Just because something COULD BE WORSE does not mean it excludes the comment. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

4. There’s a difference between being actively racist and saying a racist comment. No one is branding him a racist. However, we cannot excuse casual acts of racism especially in white dominant places, honestly stop making excuses for this behaviour this is disgusting.

5. How is the Aaryn example even relevant, people who stan for her are literally the small few who are either the “she played a good game but she was racist” or “SHE HAS A RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH FUCK NIGGERS” kind. Either way, the outliers, so its not applicable nor relevant. Even if she had all the fans on the planet, it doesn’t excuse her. We shouldn’t excuse Frankie. It’s still a racist comment no matter hwo much you lke him

And tbh I would expect better from Frankie especially seeing as how he had a heart to heart conversation with Zach in which he mentions that Devin leveled with him about being the “others” in the house. Frankie has a career and needs to learn to watch his mouth and learn to not say any thing even partially incriminating.



This almost killed me!  Before Liam touches Zayn, his face is totally neutral!  But as soon as he feels Zayn’s body, he starts to smile and proceeds to feel up Zayn even more!  LOOK AT THAT BIG ASS SMILE!  Liam happily explores Zayn’s body on a regular basis and this is proof!  He knows it even when he can’t see it (in the dark).

This would be super cute if the fact that Zayn weighs about 56 lbs on a good day. Zayn is the thinnest member of one direction, anyone can tell, I think even if i were blindfolded i’d know Zayns body

then again, i’d have experience from my dreams

child I am babysitting: How do you get grownup teeth?
me: You lose your baby teeth
child I am babysitting: they fall out!?
me: they fall out
child I am babysitting: do you still have your baby eyes?
child I am babysitting: or did they fall out
me: you keep the same eyes all your life
child I am babysitting: *touches eyes* whoa
 - bottoms topping for the first time
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I had a dream I was Candice fighting for my life in an emergency HOH and I literally woke up crying 


I had a dream I was Candice fighting for my life in an emergency HOH and I literally woke up crying 


Not gonna lie this is how I respond to most things